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GL Spreadsheet Export window
Use this window to export spreadsheet data from General Ledger.
Fund Number (Fund product only) 
Type the fund number in the field or use the Lookup to select the fund for which you want to export data.
Starting Account / Ending Account 
Use these boxes to set the range of accounts you want to include. The default settings for these boxes will include all the accounts in your Chart of Accounts.
(Fund product only) If you selected a fund number, the Lookup will be filtered by the fund number and it will appear in the appropriate segment of the account.
Starting Period / Ending Period 
Enter the starting and ending period number(s) you want to include in the report. You can choose any period(s) in your fiscal calendar, from 0 to 60. If you want to include only one period in the report, enter the same number in both the Starting Period and Ending Period boxes. The defaults for these boxes is the present period as shown in your fiscal calendar.
When you enter the period number, the first date of the starting period and the last date of the ending period will appear to the right of the corresponding boxes so you can verify that these are the periods you want to include in the report.
(Fund product only) If the Allow multiple fiscal calendars check box is selected in Module Preferences and the fund calendar is different than the organization calendar, the fund’s fiscal calendar will be used for these dates.
Use the options in the Source group to select the balances you want to export.
Select this check box to export actual, budget, and encumbrance (Fund product only) figures.
Select the Actual check box to export the actual account balance.
Select the Budget check box to export the budget for the accounts if a budget has been entered.
Encumbrance (Fund product only) 
Select the Encumbrance check box to export the encumbrance account balance.
Use Account Filter 
Select this check box if you want to filter the selected account.
Account Filter 
This field is only available if you selected the Use Account Filter check box. Only accounts that match the specified filter criteria will be exported. You can use wildcards (* and ?) to establish filter parameters. Substitute a (?) for any single character in the account number or a (*) for any number of characters. For example, to include all four-digit accounts beginning with a 1, enter 1???. To include all accounts that end in 02, enter *02.
Export Format
Choose the type of file to which you want to save the account information.
Select this option to save the information to a spreadsheet file. By default, this opens in Excel®; however, if you don’t have Excel installed, you can save the file in CSV format and open it with any text editor.
Select this option to save the information to a text file.
Include Column Header 
Select this check box to include header information in the preview and the exported file. The column headings include Account, Description, Account Class, Period Number, and whether the column contains actual or budgeted figured.
Select this button to view a preview of the of the spreadsheet. This button changes to Back after you select it so you can return to the previous window.
Select this button to export your data. If you export a text file, you can define the filename and where you want to save the file in the window that appears. If you export a spreadsheet, the exported data opens in Excel. If you don’t have Excel, you can save the file in CSV format and open it with any text editor.
Published date: 03/18/2020