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GL Cash Flow/ GL Statement of Cash Flows window
The Cash Flow Report provides a way for you to see the cash flow in your business for a given timeframe. You must define the Cash Flow Report Group for all General Ledger accounts in order to run this report.
(Accounting product only) See Setting Up Account Groups for more information on defining Cash Flow Report Groups.
Fund Number (Fund product only) 
Enter a fund number or a range of funds to show only those fund(s) on the report.
Starting Period / Ending Period 
Enter the starting and ending period number(s) that you want to include in the report. You can choose any period(s) in your fiscal calendar, from 1 to 60. If you want to include only one period in the report, enter the same number in both the Starting Period and Ending Period boxes. The defaults for these boxes are the Present Period as shown in your fiscal calendar.
When you enter the period number, the first date of the starting period and the last date of the ending period will appear to the right of the corresponding boxes so you can verify that these are the periods you want to include in the report.
(Fund product only) If the Allow multiple fiscal calendars check box is selected in Module Preferences and the fund calendar is different than the organization calendar, the fund’s organization calendar will be used for these dates.
Select this check box to add drill down functionality to the report. This lets you double-click on a line on the report for which you want more information. A new report page will open showing individual transaction information specific to the line you selected.
You cannot drill down on Totals rows or the Net Book Value of Property Disposals, Receivables, Purchase of Land, Buildings, Equipment, or Net of Purchases & Sales of Investments rows.
Published date: 03/18/2020