Allowing Unbalanced Journal Entry Transactions
This option in the GL Module Preferences window allows you to enter unbalanced transactions. The total debits and credits for a single journal transaction appear at the bottom of the journal entry window along with any difference between them. If you select the Allow unbalanced transactions check box, the total in the Debits box of the GL Journal Entry window does not have to equal the total in the Credits box, although the sum of all the debits and credits in the batch must always be equal. In other words, the debits and credits in the entire batch must still balance, but individual transactions do not need to balance.
This might be helpful if you want the ability to create a transaction for one side of the entry under one reference number and use a separate transaction for the other side of the entry with a different reference number. The reference number is included on the Audit Trail Report to the right of the transaction date.
Published date: 04/08/2020