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Using Transaction Batches in General Ledger
In the GL Module Preferences window, you can choose to use single or multi-batch processing. For additional information about batches, refer to Transaction Batches.
If you use multi- batch mode, you can set up a new batch at any time. This allows you to switch between batches when you enter your transactions. For instance, you are entering the day’s transactions, but you find an entry that needs to have a different transaction date. Instead of waiting until all the day’s transactions are in, you could switch to a different batch, or create a new batch, to enter that one transaction. Then you can return to your batch for the current day’s transactions and continue working.
To do this, select Transaction Tasks > Set Up a New Batch from the left navigation pane to access the GL Set Up Batch window. You can select a different batch if one is already set up or you can choose to create a new batch.
If you use multi-batch mode, you can also set up any batch to be recurring. This is useful if, for instance, you have a transaction that needs to be entered the same way repeatedly. See Establishing Recurring Transactions for more information on this type of journal entry transaction.
Published date: 04/08/2020