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Sales Order Entry window: Transaction menu
The Transaction menu offers easy access to some of the more commonly-used functions that concern the entire transaction, such as retrieving, discounting, printing, and clearing.
New (CTRL+N)
Select this to begin a new transaction.
Retrieve Transaction
Use this option to retrieve a previously-saved transaction. Select the type of transaction to retrieve, and then a Lookup will appear from which you can select the specific transaction. You can select from the following transaction types on the menu or by using the hot key combinations indicated:
Invoice (CTRL+SHIFT+I)
Back Order (CTRL+SHIFT+B)
Layaway (CTRL+SHIFT+L)
Recurring (CTRL+SHIFT+R)
Work Order (CTRL+SHIFT+W)
Apply Discount
You can use this option to apply a discount to the current transaction. You can apply the discount in one of three ways by selecting the option from the menu bar, the slide-out menu, or using the hot key combination. The three options are:
Invoice Total
Since Last Discount
Current Line Item
Job Cost Invoicing
This option is only available in Denali Business. It opens the Job Cost Invoicing window from which you can choose to add Cost Codes to invoice along with your Order Entry items.
Clear (CTRL+R)
This option will clear the current transaction without saving it. It is only enabled if the current transaction has not been saved.
Void (CTRL+O)
This option will void the current transaction. This is only enabled if a retrieved transaction is displayed and the salesperson who is logged into the Sales Order Entry window has rights to void transactions, as specified in their Salesperson Code.
Select this option to open the Sales Transaction Closeout window. Refer to Tendering a Sale for more information on tendering sales.
Save w/o Printing (CTRL+S)
This option will save the current transaction without printing an invoice. This is only enabled if the Salesperson who logged into the Sales Order Entry window is permitted to save a transaction without printing, as defined by their Salesperson Code.
Print Any Sale (CTRL+Y)
This opens a Lookup that you can use to select the transaction for which to print the invoice.
Print Any Packing Slip (ALT + K)
This opens the Sales Print Order Entry Packing Slips window from which you can print a Packing Slip.
Print Any Pick List (ALT + L)
This opens the Sales Print Order Entry Picking Report window from which you can print a Picking Report.
Recent Transactions
A list of the most recent transactions for this session will be listed here so you can easily retrieve them to print or edit. Each transaction will be listed by its invoice number and a date stamp, descending from the most recent transaction.
Exit (CTRL+X)
Select this menu item to exit the Sales Order Entry window.