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Sales Print Order Entry Edit Report window
We strongly recommend that you print and check this report carefully after entering your orders. Errors are easily corrected if caught before the orders are posted. Once an invoice is posted, however, the only way to correct an error is to post a correcting or reversing entry. This report allows you to check the accuracy of your data entry before you post.
Report Type
Select the level of detail to include in the report, Detailed, Condensed, or Summary:
Detailed (default): the Detailed report will show detailed header and line item information, separately for each transaction.
Condensed: the Condensed report will show header information and totals for each transaction.
Summary: the Summary report will show customer name and invoice number, along with batch totals for quantities, prices, freight, and taxes.
Specify whether you want the transactions on the report to be sorted by batch number or transaction number.
Start and End Range: Date
Enter the starting and ending date for orders to be printed on the report. These both default to the current system date but can be modified.
Start and End Range: Time
Enter the starting and ending time(s) of the orders that are to be included in the report. The start time defaults to 12:00 AM, and the end time defaults to 11:59 PM, but these can both be modified.
Start and End Ranges: Batch Number, Transaction, Invoice Number, Customer Number, and Stock Number
The Start and End boxes allow you to define the range of items to include on the report. You can include a single item by entering the same value in both boxes. After you choose a Batch Number, Lookups are available for these fields. If you don’t choose a Batch Number, you must type in the values you want to include.
Include Invoice Types
Use the check boxes in this group to specify the type(s) of transactions to include in the Edit Report. Only transaction types that you have chosen to allow in the Sales Order Entry Preferences window will be available.
Print PO Edit Report
Select this check box if you want to print a purchase order Edit Report after the Order Entry Edit Report. The report will show the purchase orders that will be created.
Print account impact summary
This check box is only available if Order Entry is integrated to General Ledger. Select this check box if you want to print the GL Account Impact Summary Report after the Edit Report. The impact report shows you how unposted transactions will affect your ledger accounts after you post. The report only takes into account the transactions in this batch.
Use a custom report
This check box is only available if you defined a custom report for this window in Controller. Select this check box if you want to run a custom report instead of the default report. The drop-down is enabled after you select the check box and you can choose the custom report you want to run. 
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