Integrating Denali with 3dCart
To integrate Denali to 3dCart, you need to enter 3dCart information in the Sales Set Up 3dCart Information window.
To set up integration with 3dCart:
1 In Sales, select Options > Set Up 3dCart Integration from the left navigation pane.
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2 Enter the URL of your 3dCart storefront in the 3dCart Store Website field.
NOTE: To locate your URL in 3dCart, navigate to Settings > General > Store Settings. Locate the Store URL box and copy the address in the field.
3 In the 3dCart Token field, enter the token you received from Cougar Mountain. You will receive your unique token after you set up Denali in the 3dCart REST API settings and contact the Cougar Mountain Operations department.
4 In the Default group box, enter the Denali Codes you want to use for transactions you import. If integration is on, you can use the Lookup to select the Codes. These codes are required.
You cannot change the codes when you import transactions, so be sure these Codes are attached to the accounts you want e-commerce orders to post to.
5 In the 3dCart Transaction Status to Import as Paid Invoices group box, select the check boxes for the order statuses you want to import from 3dCart. You must select at least one check box to import orders.
You should only import orders that are ready to post. The disabled check boxes represent 3dCart statuses that are not ready to post and are therefore not available to import into Denali.
6 If you want Denali to change the status of orders in 3dCart when you import them, select the Update status after import check box and from the drop-down, select the status you want to update the orders to. This saves you the step of manually changing the order status in 3dCart after you import.
Published date: 10/11/2021