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GL Budget Performance Report window
The Budget Performance Report is used to find out how your actual amounts are performing against your budgeted amounts. You can run this report for income accounts, expense accounts, or both.
Fund Number (Fund product only) 
Enter a fund number to show only accounts in that fund on the report.
Print All Funds (Fund product only) 
This drop-down is only active if the Fund Number field is blank. If you want to print one report that displays all the included funds, select Combined from the drop-down. If you want to print a separate report for each fund, select Separated.
Starting Period / Ending Period 
Enter the starting and ending period number(s) that you want to include in the report. You can choose any period(s) in your fiscal calendar, from 1 to 60. If you want to include only one period in the report, enter the same number in both the Starting Period and Ending Period boxes. The defaults for these boxes are the Present Period as shown in your fiscal calendar.
When you enter the period number, the first date of the starting period and the last date of the ending period will appear to the right of the corresponding boxes so you can verify that these are the periods you want to include in the report.
(Fund product only) If the Allow multiple fiscal calendars check box is selected in Module Preferences and the fund calendar is different than the organization calendar, the fund’s organization calendar will be used for these dates.
Account Type 
Choose which account type(s) you want to include in the report, either Revenue, Expense, or Both.
Report Type 
Select the report type from the drop-down list. The following report types are available:
Percentage Used: Prints the percentage of the amount used for the account.
Amount Remaining: Prints the amount remaining to use in the account.
Skip No Activity
Select either or both of these check boxes according to what accounts you want to exclude from the report.
Zero Balance 
Select this check box to exclude accounts that have a zero balance for the specified time period on the report. If the accounts have a balance, but not in the time period shown on the report, they will not appear on the report.
Zero Budget 
Selecting this check box will exclude accounts with no budget information entered for the period range included in the report.
Print Account Number 
Select this check box if you want to print the account numbers on the report. If this check box is selected, the account numbers will appear on the left side of the page before the account descriptions.
Sort by Fund (Fund product only) 
This check box is only active if you select Combined from the Print All Funds drop-down. Select this check box if you want to sort the included accounts by fund number.
Use a custom report 
This check box is only available if you defined a custom report for this window in Controller. Select this check box if you want to run a custom report instead of the default report. The drop-down is enabled after you select the check box and you can choose the custom report you want to run. 
Published date: 03/18/2020